Tuesday Rain update

This week will taut warmer weather for us in North Carolina. The headlines for the nation will be the return of severe weather and the possibility of a big snowstorm in Colorado. I will be posting two videos this week, Monday and Wednesday, so make sure to check back in for those.

Rain Tuesday looks to be a lock, or is it? I’m 100% sure that it will rain I’m just not sold on us getting a lot of rain. The area of precipitation will be moving in from out of the west tomorrow and arrive in the early morning hours Tuesday. We should see light consistent rain most of the day. This could stack up to be some much needed rainfall for us. Here’s what the top models are saying we will get through Tuesday night.

ECMWF or European model
ECMWF or European model
GFS or American model
GFS or American model

I am hoping that these totals verify, we do need the rain. I am however a bit skeptical with dry air in place over the Carolinas. I think it may interact with the precipitation and and limit the amount of moisture we get into the area.

Today and Tonight 4/10/2016

Highs 60-63ºF, still chilly with dry air in place, cool crisp breeze. Nothing compared to yesterday. Winds NW 5-10 mph. Overnight lows 30-37º with frost and freeze possible. Clear and calm conditions. This may be the last night you have to cover your plants!

Monday 4/11/2016

Highs 70-75ºF, warm and quite the change from this weekend. Humidity will be on the rise. Breezy winds SSW 10-15 mph bringing in the moist air and humidity. Clouds will be on the increase in the afternoon and thickening into the evening hours. Overnight lows 40-43º , winds light out of the south at 5-10º mph. Cloudy with rain arriving late

Tuesday 4/12/2016

Highs 60-64ºF, cooler and wet. Shallow cool air will be sliding in from the Northeast and setting up a small amount of Cold Air Damming (CAD). Rain should be consistent, light to moderate most of the day with a few breaks in the action from time to time. Winds NE 5-12 mph. Overnight lows 45-47ºF, cloudy with showers. Clearing late.


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